The Band

Original music driven by emotional material drawn from love lost and found, coming from sometimes too personal experiences of the good and bad sides of love and described as “The kind of tunes that stick in your head, the kind of tunes that were ready made for a road trip, or just a hell of a good time.”  The band also maintains a varied catalog of blues, rock, and folk covers.  Playing music that is both catchy and introspective, the Mavins’ sound has been compared to Train, Counting Crows, and David Grey.  Instrumentation includes acoustic and electric guitars, violin/fiddle, upright and rock bass, gentle percussion, harmonica, and the occasional appearance of a drumbeat app.  Formed in DC in 2009, the Mavins’ EP, “The Mavins” was engineered by Sean Russell at Cue Studios in Fairfax, Virginia and was released in 2015.  The Mavins are currently working on their followup album (working title: The Epic Journey of Picolas Cage).